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Laser cutting is a process where a material is cut, and this can be for small & fine materials or materials with a much greater level of thickness. Laser cutting simply involves the use of a focused laser beam to cut a wide range of materials to a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The laser beam can easily be programmed to precision cut a diverse range of thicknesses and materials (e.g. metals brass, tungsten, steel, and copper, etc.), gemstones, ceramics, graphic composites, silicon, and plastics).


Pulsed Fiber Lasers are renowned for their versatility with laser marking being one of the most popular applications. This process is used to mark various materials including ceramics, LEDs, metals, plastics, and rubber. Although similar to laser engraving, the appliance of a mark is at a surface level, whereas engraving is a mark with depth. Laser marking is the process where a material, which can be anything from ceramics to plastics to metals, is marked or labeled with a simple black mark, or in color (depending upon the material).


Metal bending is an innovative technology that uses a laser beam to form sheet metal by thermal stresses and is well suited for short production runs, eliminating the need for expensive dies and reducing the cycle time. High power diode lasers have entered the industrial manufacturing area, because of their unique features (small size and low weight), high efficiency and reliability; nowadays, diode lasers have gained high interests as new sources for material processing.


Laser Tube Cutting machines are designed to cut any hole on tubes of different sections, in a fully programmed automatic cycle, thus eliminating all traditional sawing, deburring, drilling, lining-up and removal operations carried out on conventional machines.


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